About me

Well, Since you have come here, I take the opportunity to explain who I am.

My name is Adri Mercadal and I’m 32 years old. I was born in this wonderful island called Menorca – not Mallorca-. As you can intuit, I’m tennis trainer. I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old. At the age of 17 I understood that my passion was to teach the sport that I love. My parents still remind me how I used to cry when I was a child because I didn’t want to go to the tennis club. The turns of life give …now is my passion.
I try to train myself constantly. Tennis is a sport that evolves. I’m qualified with the REFT ( Real Spanish federation of tennis) and the RPT ( Professional register of tennis).

The greatest satisfaction I have as a tennis coach is to get my students to reach the maximum level of their possibilities. One of the things that I value most and I try to instill in the training, is that they strive to do their best, fighting and fighting, regardless of the outcome.

If you still interested in knowing about me a little bit more, here I explain some curiosities about me ( maybe be far removed from tennis).

  • I love the animals, specialy dogs. I recently adopted a lovely dog ​​from the kennel of Mahon. It was a great personal satisfaction to get him out of that place. I leave you a photo below.
  • One of the greatest experiences I had as a tennis player was participating in 2001 in an absolute Spain championship held in “Ciudadela de Menorca”. They wrote about me in the newspaper called “Menorca” and not for the result obtained! In another post I’ll tell you the funny story …
  • My second passion is to travel, meet people, customs, cultures, gastronomy… I have been in 3 continents and 20 countries.
  • Menorca is a paradise, with spectacular coves and beaches, varied cuisine and a spectacular climate to spend a vacation and practice your favorite sport. I have been lucky enough to meet and train people from so many different countries like Poland, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, France …
  • In 2009 I get qualified to go to play the Island Games (IGA) representing Menorca with 3 other teammates on a beautiful island in Finland. (They are mini-Olympics between islands around the world. An amazing experience! )
  • If you haven’t yet visited Menorca, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

    Adri with Luna and Luck