Activities and tournaments

The competition is part of the sport and is one of the most important elements which people start in tennis and continue playing. Although sometimes seen in a negative way, competing has many positive aspects:

  1. Everyone competes or strives one way or another, is part of life.
  2. The value of the competition is not to win or lose. Win or lose is just the result. The real value is in striving to the fullest.
  3. Always keep in mind the “maximum effort” rule, both on and off the track. If you strive to 100% you always will have the respect of others, even if win or lose.
  4. Whatever the outcome, consider it as a positive experience that will be useful to you in the future.
  5. Give everything, even if you win or lose, always makes you a winner.
  6. Take advantage of tournaments to meet new friends.
  7. Don’t worry during the game about the result, if you strive at each point, the result will come.


The key is to create a healthy and positive competition environment.

Players are the most important, which is why all formats of tournaments and activities that will be conducted during the year are focused on the player to play a minimum of matches, with people of an even level and in a pleasant and social environment , but also competitive.

Here are some pictures of the last tournaments.


Championns and finalists calçotada tournament

Tie Breaks tournament

2º tie breaks tournament

Americans 2

Americans 3


Champions and finalists Davis Cup

Champions and finalists Night tournament

Tenisteam circuit

Davis cup

Beer tournament

Beer tournament 1

Beer tournament 2

Night tournament